Oh Saturday...

Hi friends!

Happy Saturday! I have a few things I would like to *update* on....

+ Swap Sponsoring has begun! I am SUPER excited about this...if only you could see me .. :) If you would like to swap sponsor just check out the "sponsor" tab at the top and email me!

+ I will be posting 2 new buttons this morning...I will be taking the current ones down and replacing them. It seems that I cannot get the sizing quite right...so this morning I will be working on that :) Keep your eyes open for them!

+ I start classes back on Monday...it is going to be SO hectic. So I know yall are probably not very use to me actually following the post schedules ( eeeks sorry!) BUT since I will be on busy hectic schedule, yall will actually see posts on time and on schedule!! YAY! I guess there is some pro's of classes starting back!! Get excited!!
And last...

+I have been emailing with Allison from Green Tangerine Design and yall, I am SO excited about the new look of the blog is almost ready!! I am pretty sure you will enjoy it too!! If you are looking for something new for your blog, I recommend her ALL the way! She is fabulous!!
I have had something on my heart the past few days and I am ready to share...
God has really been dealing with me on somethings and a lot has been revealed to me!! I will be working on the post for this and it will be up this evening around dinner time :)

I hope you all have a fabulous Saturday! I am enjoying my last Saturday of freedom with a lunch date with a sweet friend and then gym with my Jamie girl! What are your plans for Today?


  1. Looking forward to seeing your design! Good luck with classes! Mine start back Monday too :(



  2. Thank you!! Good luck to you! Have a great week back at class!!