Our very 1st Sponsor Spotlight....(drum roll...)

Jessica at Lovely Little Things blog!

I keep wanting to call her Jess...but I've been sticking with J :)
(you all know that I give everyone a nickname)

Get ready because she stinkin rocks and I am super happy that we found each other!

"Hi lovelies! My name is Jessica and I am new to the world of blogging. I am in school studying public relations, but my heart is pulling me toward education (elementary specifically), so we’ll see where I end up after I graduate in May. I’m a 20-something just living and learning as I go :)
- - - - - -
I started my blog, Lovely Little Things, in November 2011, and I have already met so many wonderful women. I love the blogging community so much, and I can’t wait to meet more of you :) I started Lovely Little Things for a couple of reasons. I needed a place where I could pour out my thoughts and organize them with no boundaries. I also wanted a place where I could reflect on things and see how much of an impact the little things in life have on me. I needed a place where I could create and share my experiences -teaching others, while at the same time learning just as much from them. I use Lovely Little Things to keep creative no matter how busy I get, to appreciate my life, and to meet other bloggers who inspire me. There really is no limit to what you’ll find on my blog. I like to share recipes that I try, DIY projects, fashion tips, organization ideas, good books I read or music I listen to, my triumphs and failures, fun pictures from my everyday life - anything and everything creative. I hope that by continuing with Lovely Little Things that I will discover lots of fun new things about myself (and the not so fun things, too) so that I can grow as a person, and maybe even inspire one or two people along the way! Let’s do life together!

- - - - - So there you have it! J and I talk a lot (well email) and she has such a heart for God. It is so neat to see how much we have in common and watch a friendship start! She really is unique, genuine and beautiful all around! Head over to Lovely Little Things and show Jessica some love!!


  1. You, my friend, are wonderful :)
    Thank you, thank you!

    J ;)

    PS - almost Friday woot!

    1. I FEEL THE SAME WAY about this WONDERFUL GIRL! Man I just really love blog friends!

  2. I FEEL THE SAME WAY about this WONDERFUL GIRL! Man I just really love blog friends!

    PS I wanna sponsor swap toooooo!!!


  3. J, you are wonderful! & It is my pleasure! Meg,I do too!! I am about to send you an email for swapping!