What To Wear??

So My Friends, one week from today....I will be in Dallas, meeting KARI JOBE & attending her release concert and celebration....I am still in shock!(for those of you that do not know, I won a paid trip to Dallas to hang out with Kari and attend her release concert/party! Whoop!!) So now that the countdown clock has begun I am frantically trying to figure out an outfit.

That is where yall come in at!! I am going to let yall come up with my whole outfit...all the way to my hair style that day :) You first mission is to decide on what sort of outfit..after that I will narrow down actual pieces to the sorts you pick... this shall be F U N :D

Weather.com says its going to be rainy and a smooth 56 degrees.. I am sure it will change before then.

But not by much.
I am not quite sure what to wear; I would rather be overdressed than under-dressed.. 

So lets start thinking...I really wanted to wear my boots Kory got me for Christmas

They cover all the way up to the middle of my knee cap. love.them.

And I want to wear a bright color top...since I am trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe. 

I think you guys might know just a bit about my style now...I mean you've seen my pictures and you guys see my pins on pinteresting wednesday..

here is my Pinterest "my style" board...this board is my style completely..
My Style

SO if you are up to the mission/challenge--- LET'S GO!!!!!
+I love love love flowy tops
+I like dark dressy denim 
+ Dresses are always yesses.... hahah

Ok so, start thinking of ideas! 


  1. Oh my gosh how fun! You are going to have a blast. Make sure you bring your camera so you can update the blogosphe. You know, now that you are searching for something to wear you arent going to find it....thats how it works right? That always happens to me. And when im not looking I buy the whole store..haha.

    Have oh so much fun girl :)

  2. Dark jeans & a coral top would look FAB with those boots!
    Or a dress & tights...branch out ;)
    You're gonna have SO MUCH FUN!


  3. Umm, those boots. I die!
    I love YELLOW and dark jeans;
    I would even spice it up with a cute blazer!



    a precious dress tights and those FABULOUS boots would be perfect for a kari concert!!!!
    I cant wait to hear about it!!!!


  5. Ok girls ...my outfit decision is FINAL....the boots, dark denim straight...and a BRIGHT top..I am thinking a pink or yellow!!! AH I cannot believe it is getting SO CLOSE!!! thank you girls for your ideas!! (When I found it was going to rain for sure I decided to rule the dress & tights out :( ) I am super clumsy and myself mixed with rain is not a good combo! haha