Blog #2

I've got NEWS....

I have started (well making) another blog.

Yep that is right.

I will be launching my personal/life/interests/Totally Megan Blog on TUESDAY!


Tuesdays are my favorite day, so well, I chose TUESDAY to launch!!

Hearts Prepared Blog will still be up and going.

I have made the decision to start blog#2, my own blog. The Hearts Prepared is a ministry blog, and I have really been wanting to do more on a blog/for the blog, but I do not want to have it on the Hearts Prepared blog..Only because HP does have a sole purpose and I surely do not want to stray the ministry blog away from what God has intended for it to be!

I am so excited, I hope all of you will support my personal blog :)

Feeling pretty motivated!!

oh yes and..after 7 years of Driving..I got my very first speeding ticket today. OUCH.
I was very sad. More on that story later.

Love yall, and I am so excited for this "new journey" in the blogging world :D

Happy Weekend my friends!!


  1. yay! looking forward to following your new blog (Tuesday get here faster!!)

  2. Thank you K! I know it needs to get here faster! Lol :) I am working on the design RIGHT now! Hope you are having a great Friday!