He's out there//

Each and every day I pray for a man who that will one day be my husband. Who this man is..well I don't know. But I know that each and every day I am one step closer to the man that God has for me!

This is EXCITING!! My cowboy that God has for me is out there waiting on me too!!

Are you feeling like you will not ever find the one? Pray pray pray!! Pray daily for YOUR future husband!


  1. He will arrive! Mine came to me when I least expected it and I thank God every day for sending me the most amazing person I have EVER met. God works in the most incredible ways. I can't wait for the day I read about your future husband entering your life.

    1. Oh this is so true! God's ways are so incredible! Thank you for the encouragement! I love hearing about love stories and how God writes them. And I can't wait till I can write about my future husband entering my life :) Thank You!