Swing of things

Getting back into the swing of things is nice.
Back into blogging, catching up on all of my datebook appointments (Yes-I said Datebook.)
And working out......

oh wait....I haven't done that. 
2 months since the gym my friends, 2 months. And about a good month since my last run which was about 6 miles. 

But I am here today to tell you, more so because I want to be held accountable..that today I am starting back at my gym. Let's hope as I am checking in that a "ohh you haven't been here in 2 months" comment is not dropped. If so, I am running home.Then I would have my exercise for the day(SMART!)

So I am updating my run playlist, and getting motivated to walk into the cold air outside and drive a mile to the gym...

SO what are your favorite workout jams?
What do YOU do to get motivated to get moving again?
Leave your comments below!

--And as you can see over to the Right--The beautiful Aubrey from The Kinch Life is my FIRST sponsor for the month..I don't think there was a better gal to be my 1st of the month-especially when I am just getting back into the blogging world. So stay tuned her feature post..but go check her out now too :)

1 comment:

  1. Oh girl, props to you!! I wish I had motivation, work out tunes, and the like. But I don't.. In fact, I just ate a dilly bar an Reese cups... Hahah, go me! :) but go you!!! Love you pretty girl!