Yesterday morning in Church, we were reading verses out of the Book of James; I was skimming around and reading and started reading James 4:14- 

(AMP) 14 Yet you do not know the least thing about what may happen tomorrow. What is the nature of your life? You are really but a wisp of vapor a puff of smoke, a mist that is visible for a little while and then disappears into thin air.

15 You ought instead to say, If the Lord is willing, we shall live and we shall do this or that thing.

I got to thinking about my plans for the next day (today). I then thought about Kory sitting next to 85 year old Ms. Ada a church row pew behind me. I thought about several things--then I read the verse one more time.

It hit me; I mean we go day to day making plans for tomorrow, or next week, or months, etc. But in all reality we don't even know if tomorrow will be here. We have no clue what turn our life could take in a split second. -- Each and every day I continually praise God and thank Him for every single thing I have in this life. I don't ever want to go a day, taking this life and what God has given me for granted. But- I do--- I do this when I automatically assume I get tomorrow, or next week. I take for granted the air I breathe at that exact moment. Not living in the moment.

I want to take action; I want to make a change; I want to live my life for each and every moment God gives me and I DON'T want to take it for granted.  

In verse 14 when it says " You are really but a wisp of vapor, a puff of smoke, a mist that is visible for a little while and then disappears into thin air."...I realize how little I am. And that is a frightening feeling-- it frightens me to think about how B I G this world is--and how much I take for granted, unintentionally. 

I know to live every moment like it is my last. 
I realize that each second is precious.
Every second, every minute that passes me by- I can never get back.
(I have known this and realized this, but never really took action.)

--It truly made my heart smile B I G when I walked out of the choir loft and saw Kory sitting with 85 year old Ms. Ada. That is a priceless moment- and I am thinking that, for that hour and 15 minutes that Ms. Ada was the happiest woman in that place. Maybe even in the state of Alabama. 

*Point is; I want to make an impact in someones life, even if it is just sitting by them in church, or opening the door for them, praying with them. Whatever it may be.. I want to spend the precious time God has given me, blessing and impacting other people. That my friends, is living in the moment to me. Telling someone what is on your heart; words that you are afraid to speak, but you know if you don't speak them, one day you will regret not speaking them. (that was a lot of speaks!)

Just think about it; you are a vapor, a puff of smoke, a mist- disappearing into thin air---YOU can make a difference. YOU can live in the moment. A tiny vapor--CAN Change a life. 

So, here is to NO holding back and beginning to LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

This post/Verse made me think of Gungor's "Beautiful Things"...WE are beautifully made by God.

Happy Monday! Prayers and blessings to YOU<3


  1. Thank you for posting this. I always need that reminder. That is such an important verse :)

    1. Krystal, it really is an important verse. It was such a sweet reminder for me to slow down and enjoy life!! Thanks for reading :)