The Beginning...

Hi  Yall! 

So I have decided I am going to take up blogging...once again! But this time, I actually have a reason for this blog. (the other times I didn't, so it was hard to keep up with it)... :) This blog is going to be dedicated to what I know God has called me to do. I have a passion for speaking and I especially love speaking to young women and teen girls.( I am starting my own ministry, but while that is in the works, I felt it heavy on me to start this blog!) The struggles that us women go through are never easy. And hey lets face it, We ALL go through our own struggles. But we don't have to go through these struggles on our own. And we DO NOT have to go through them in our own strength. Oh man I could continue to type about this on and on and on tonight! But, I am going to stop here and I will start up tomorrow! The rest of the night is solely dedicated to making this blog super cute :D  hehe!

Rach and I

Steph and I 


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