My Favorite things lately

Hey Ladies! So I wanted to just post something real quick...

I wanted to share with yall what I have been enjoying soo much lately :)

1. Pinterest - I absolutely LOVE  this site...it is addicting and helpful! I just re-decorated my bathroom and used tons of DIY ideas from this site :)

2. I am also enjoying this awesome blog... I found her on Pinterest, and her blog rocks! Need hair ideas? This girls got them! Also some really neat DIY things, and her and her sister have an Etsy Shop and I cannot wait to purchase some things! 

3.  I am about to start reading The Blessing of The Lord by Kenneth Copeland... I cannot wait to share this book with yall!                               

4. I am finishing up a book by Joyce Meyer ...I highly recommend this book :)

5. And also something I have come across lately that I am really thinking about trying.... Birchbox.. It is $10 a month and arrives the 10th of every month.It is hand picked deluxe beauty products in a box...I am considering trying this! 

6. Also Brooke Fraser....listen to her music. :)

These past few days I have been working on something that I cannot wait to share with yall. I pray that it helps you and blesses you!


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