It's not what you think...

Ever have one of those days? You know, the kind where things just go wrong no matter what you do and it just seems like you need to get in your bed and just wake up tomorrow with a fresh start?

Today was one of those days.
Which is odd, because I usually have wonderful days! I mean how can it not be wonderful when I have so much, when we have so much, to be thankful for.

Let me start here...Saturday I noticed my tummy was hurting. But I ignored it and went on with my things. Sunday my tummy hurt but I ignored and went on with my things. Today my tummy hurt. I didn't ignore it, but I did go on with my things. Dr. appointment is made and I'll be there at 7:45 in the morning.  So I was not feeling all that great today....on my way home from work a guy in a truck cut me off and then slammed on his breaks. Well this causes me to slam on my breaks...hard. I literally was 2 inches away from him when my car stopped. Smoke is all around me.( I guess from tires?) So that shook me up. I got really hot and probably broke a sweat  and couldn't stop shaking. And it was right in front of the fire station...(those of yall reading that know why that location is a point...that is probably why I was shaken up..LOL)  All of a sudden tears just come flooding because they could. I then go to the blue mailbox downtown, put the mail in and I am still crying.  Then I hit a pothole ( by the way my rear driver side tire is now flat after the break slamming and pot hole...I need new tires anyways.) and hitting the pothole made me cry even more..I am still crying. I am turning into my neighborhood..crying. Look on my phone and there is update from Joyce Meyer and I quote "True confidence doesn't come from perfection, it doesn't come from having no flaws. True confidence comes from knowing that God is with you."  I quickly calm down. Pull up at the house, see my tire. Turn around and walk inside. Automatically I bust out in tears (the family is sitting at the dinner table eating spaghetti) and I am crying and telling all the events that had just occurred in the past 20 minutes. I grab a bowl sit and eat. And the tears stop. The urge to cry stops. Then I am standing at the kitchen sink with Mikayla rinsing my plate and I dropped a noodle on the floor. I yelled for Scamp. My dog that passed away a year ago.... REALLY MEGAN?!!  LOL I mean it just kept coming. I quickly knew what my entry was going to be about tonight. It is short. simple. and Sweet my dear readers.

Things may be hectic and crazy and seem like everything is going wrong. And you are so ready to throw it down and turn around and go back to what used to be. God is with you. He has a plan. Stay calm, and KNOW HE IS WITH YOU. I quickly realized after seeing Joyce's update, that Dean Sikes said something very similar to me a few Sunday's ago. He said things would get very intense. But to stay calm. God is with me. And He has a plan.
 My faith is in God. I will not be moved or shaken by things that are not of His Kingdom. I fully trust Him and know that even if it seems like a bad day, it's not. Just obstacles that you have to stand strong, tall and firm against. For when I am weak, HE is Strong.

Hebrews 13:5...." For God has said, " I will never fail you. I will never abandon you."

Romans 8: 25 " But if we look forward to something we don't yet have, we wait patiently and confidently."

Romans 8:31 " If God is for us, who can ever be against us?"



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