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Hello Dear Friends!!!

So it has been a couple weeks since the last post...BUT we just finished up 8 Days of Glory here out at Canaan Land Ministries. It was a life changing 8 days!! We had 9 different speakers.... Ben Priest, Tracy Harris, Scott Webb, Dean Sikes, Gary Hooper, Billye Brim, David De Benedetti, and Keith Johnson. Talk about awesome! Everyone had a great time! It was sad to see it end, but at the same time my bed and family were really missing me! I wasn't getting home till close to 1AM every night..phew! And yall know princess Megan needs her beauty sleep!  ;)
delirious at this point.

I brought in my 22nd birthday there. Sunday night after service, a group of us were sitting around talking and God's presence was THERE. Afterglow, after party, after service...absolutely amazing. Service that night got over at 10 and after that we were just fellowshiping; next thing I know I am on my knees praying and I look up at the clock and it was the exact time I was born. Tears started streaming harder! Thankfulness just overwhelmed me. Wow. I got to share that experience with very close friends and people I hold very near and dear to me. I will remember that night for the rest of my life!

Birthday Lunch with the Family!
Yes I turned 22...which I kinda had a complex about it...22 is almost 25 which is almost 30....I complexed for about 15 min and then moved on.

BIG things happening, and I am in awe of God.  He is so faithful and so so so so so good.  I am so overwhelmed by God's love, His presence, His kindness. My heart is so content and so full. I am so happy to be serving for and walking in God's Kingdom!  I am working on my next post and it is about Rhema... that is all  I will say for now :) But Stay tuned!

Here is a recap of 8 Days of Glory:

My Sweet Sweet Steph


Jesse Duplantis 

Joshua and I 

Love this picture!

The boys...being boys..

Joshua, Ben, Derron

Oh how I love her!

My boys, Josh & J Mack

My Best Running bud Rachel

Billye Brim

Joshua Gober, Me, Rachel & Zach Bigley

Me and sweet sweet Amy & Heath's little boy..And sweet lil girl in the back!

Everyone said this was practice for me...haha


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