12 by 2012...

So, I follow this blog and I love it! This chick rocks, and I am so happy I stumbled across her blog on Pinterest! If you have not checked out The Small Things Blog I encourage you to! All of my cute hair ideas and fashion ideas, DIY ideas....ok you get it ...all of my ideas come from her!

So today her entry was 12 things to have basically checked off and done by 2012...that is 11 WEEKS away people...So soon!! 

I figured I would join in and see what can be done :)

1.Run my half marathon in November

2. Actually make all my favorite DIY projects found here

3. Paint my bathroom 

4. Keep my car clean; throughout the day/week it seems to accumulate so much junk. 

5.Organize my planner...how sad is it to have to organize a planner..hmmm..

6.Find a good looking address book to keep up with

7. Start a scrapbook..I always say I am going to start one but just do not get around to it

8. Actually send out my own Christmas Cards this year..with my picture on it :)

9. Start wearing my flats more..they are so stinkin cute.

10.Get back to blonde..after 3 months of brown I am ready for my natural.

11.Get more vintage-y and artsy for this blog

12. Bring more color into my wardrobe...I feel as though black, navy and grey have taken over my closets..I love these colors but they need some pop..So To bring color, start wearing more jewelry from this shop. (This Etsy shop is The Small Things Blog owner and her sister)


So there they are folks. 
I don't know how this will go, but things always seem to get done when I have them written down and visible..we will see :)

So go on...what are you waiting for?? Start your 12 by 2012!!


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