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2 posts in one day...I promise I won't bother you anymore today after this post... :)

Tomorrow I am leaving for Gatlinburg! YAAY! For yall that know, you know that I love Gatlinburg, TN. My aunt and uncle own a campground and chalets in Gatlinburg and in Pigeon Forge, so my family and I are always up there. It is so peaceful and quiet and then loud and fun at night on the strip. I really really love it up there. There are times when I just sit and soak in the beauty that God has given us. Sit on the back deck at the chalet with a cup of coffee and just relax and soak. 

Well tomorrow, I am leaving with my sisters youth group and heading up there for Winter Xtreme!! I am super excited and ready to get up there to the conference and enjoy everything that God has in store for this trip!This is my first time chaperoning and it will be very uh, interesting. And I say that because I remember being 16; there are a lot of 16 year old girls on this trip. I am sure there will be many jokes made, lots of laughter let out and some serious heart to heart talks. I am grateful that God is using me and sending me on this trip. It's not just  going to be a trip to a bunch of concerts and hanging out. This will be a life changing experience for some and an eye opener for many. Revelations will come and lives will be saved. Did I mention that I am SO EXCITED? I love watching and seeing our teens today so on fire for and have such a passion for God and for His Kingdom!

As this week goes on please keep us in your prayers. Pray for healing and  for lives to change and for hearts and souls be won for the Kingdom of God. 

Now next thing...on to this picture:

Have you ever noticed how when you look at things, it sometimes feels like you are looking through the lens of a camera? Kind of like a box? A lot of the time, we limit God on what He can do in our life. We say "okay God you get  75%  of my life and I want to keep the other 25% of it to myself. " We limit our availability of our life to Him. And then we complain and moan and groan because things aren't going how we think they should, or we just still feel "stuck". We just aren't getting the "results" we thought of.  (this picture is just a representation of  "boxing" in...you can't see all around. So I've limited what you can see in this picture. You only see 50%..not 100%.) So,  I want to challenge you; starting today, yes today because there is no better day to start serving God than today, (did that make sense?? LOL) to open your life 100% for Him. Give God your whole life. Not just some, not just half. The plans He has for you are out of this world amazing. That my friend I can promise. Why can I promise this? Because God says so, and He has shown me so. So, what are you waiting for? He gave us His all so let's give Him our all; GO FOR IT!

I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful week!! I will have a post on Wed , Thursday & Friday. You can check the "post schemes" tab at the top to see what each day will hold from now on.

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