Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Friends!

As you can see, Hearts Prepared Blog is looking uhm quite a bit different. Plain. Very Plain. But I actually kind of like it for now. I am still doing some behind the scenes work on that, so be patient, but please do not get to the point where the white walls of this page drive you insane! :)

The picture below(picture on last post from yesterday) was taken yesterday at Eastbrook Flea and Antique Mall..3 floors of treasures!! Ohh did I find some goodies in there!

Love Love Love...especially the distressed look

GREAT life quote.

Now this next one, I cannot WAIT to have...my future puppy Genevieve will be sleeping like a princess on this..
Isn't this a beauty??
There is a guy who custom makes these (and the pieces of furniture next to it) and his work is soo beautiful! I grabbed his card to hold onto until I need it!

And this is my favorite right here...
Mother Knows Best...

When all else fails...Call your Mother.

I am actually doing 2 posts today! (The picture below, that I said we would chat about today, yes well that will be on my second post for the day..it will be up around late afternoon  :D ) 

Have a great and happy Tuesday! 

* I have to make a correction from yesterday's post about me not ever winning anything...a friend reminded me yesterday that I have won something....last New Years Eve I won Deuce Komrad tickets... this is what she said : RWH "Can I just say... you won Deuce Komradz tickets b4 white guuurl!! Hahaha!!!! & I'm SO happy for you :) "
hehe! Thank you RWH for reminding me of this...awesome times awesome memories :)

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