Are you running?

Have you caught yourself running lately? And I don't mean running like exercise, for enjoyment (like I do ) I mean running. Running from something, running from someone, running from life. I think at one point or many points in life we find ourselves running. Is it because we are scared of what could be, or because we know we don't want whatever it is?

There was a time or two that I found myself running.

Last night I was doing a devotional while laying in bed. It was about Jonah and how he ran when God told him to get up and go to Nineveh. There was a question that asked the reader (me) are you running from something or at a time in your life were you running from something? Think about it long and hard before you write your answer in the margin. So I sat and I thought and I thought. It was not too long before I realized my answer.  At one point in my life I knew God was calling me to be somewhere and to do something. And I refused. I disobeyed. I acted like I had no clue as to what He was telling me to do. I went the opposite direction of what He was telling me. What did this lead me to? Continuously going through the motions, unhappy, confusion, searching for more.

When the whole entire time He was right in front of me, telling me my next "mission".  I was scared because this was something big, this would change my life. Finally I obeyed Him, and I tell you this; I am ever so happy I did.

I feel that sometimes we have issues or problems and we feel not good enough or ashamed to let God in. Or to obey him. Whatever you are facing, He wants to take care of that. God will make it better. Don't run because there is a problem. Take it to Him.

So I ask you today; are YOU running from something? Are you running from a problem that is going on in your life, or running from a friend? Most importantly, are you running from God?  If the answer is no, then good, great! But if your answer is yes, talk with Him about it. Tell Him why you are running. Talk to God, He will show you the way. Stop running, surrender to God and the plans He has for You and your life, and you will be so happy you did. God knows what He is doing.

God hears and He sees, and you are not alone in your struggles. Remain firm and stable for God has your deliverance planned!!!


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