Definite, Not maybe..

When God looks at you, He doesn’t see you as a “maybe” or a “what if.” When God looks at you, He says, "You have an incredible destiny!"

Have you ever had an important day and you are picking out your outfit the night before? Or you're talking with a friend about what she or yourself are going to wear to a get together on Friday? It's always a "well I might wear this, or maybe. Maybe I will wear that." Or  a "ohh hey what if you wore that black top and that pencil skirt?" There is always a might, a maybe and a what if. 
With God there is no maybe, might or what if. It is definite. No swaying, no wavering no mind changing. So when God looks at you he doesn't change His mind about you. He doesn't look at you and say "Well, I might just do this with her and set this up for her...." No He says "I AM doing this with her life and I WILL set this up for her." He doesn't look at someone and say "What if I opened this door for him and just maybe this opportunity came along." NO He says, " I am going to open this door and this will be waiting for him." See the difference between those sets of words? One is so uneasy and you don't know if it is a yes or a no. And the other set is so definite that you don't ever have to wonder if it is going to change. God does NOT change His mind about you.  He loves you so very much and has the most wonderful life set for you. Delighting yourself in HIM will lead you to your DESTINY. How could your  destiny not be incredible if it is formed by God?? Just REST in HIM and be assured that our Father has it all planned out and has YOUR destiny set and ready for YOU! 

You are called and you have a destiny to fulfill.~

You can be confident today that God has already lined up the right people, the right circumstances and the right breaks for you...


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