Let's Recap...

So it is the day after Christmas.
What does that mean?...uhh hello "the best people watching day EVER!"
Yes Yes..I am a people watcher...I love it. I love trying to figure out a person's story and what they are looking for and blah blah blah. 

I hope you all had a wonderful wonderful Christmas! I had some very exciting things happen this Christmas....let us start by going back to the beginning;

Thursday: Headed down to Jackson to spend time with my Dad's side of the family, I love them so much! And it was extra special because my Memaw (mom's mom from Illinois) was with us!

Friday: Hung out and then did Christmas with the family....and then all the kiddos had a spend the night. ( I am the oldest grandchild on that side...so it is me (22) my sister (16) and Houston(18) and then 6 kids 12 years old and under)  Yes so that was quite a night...and I whooped them all at Just Dance 3...take that munchkins!!  And then my guest post on XploreMyFaith (<<check it out here) was put up and I am now going to be contributing a post WEEKLY for that Ministry!! I am SO thankful and happy!!

The Carruth Crew

All the grandchildren with MawMaw Will and Pawpaw

Aunt Jill and I...I am a mini her.. haha

Christmas Eve: Made it home and then had Christmas with Kory and I had an extra special surprise for him...kittens! 2 of them! Brother and Sister! They are absolutely adorable and I am sooo excited about them! The boy's name is Q-tip, because the end of his tail has a white tip ( Kory has always been called Q-Tip because of his blonde hair). The little girl does not have a name yet...I like Rosie though for her...when I looked at her I thought of Rosie O'Donnell  ( do not ask why because I haven't a clue!!!) So much for the duo names I had planned on! I did throw the names William and Kate out there.... He said no. haha

Welcome Q-tip and No name!
Christmas Day: Yesterday was exceptionally wonderful. I am ever so thankful for Jesus Christ and His love. Today was such a good lazy and rainy day. We opened presents and watched movies and spent time together.About 9 this morning I got an email....and it said "Kari Jobe Where I find You Christmas Giveaway" ( I figured it was an email sent out to everyone who entered the contest, and they were announcing the winner) Well I open it up and I see ; Meg, Congratulations....." I promise you I thought I was going to start hyperventilating. No joke. So after letting out screams my mom and sister truck it to my room and soon find out the news... January 24th my sister and I are being flown down to Dallas, Texas and we are meeting Kari Jobe and attending her release party for her new album that is being released that day and then being put up in a hotel for overnight and flown home the next day!!
I am so beside myself  still....I did not know whether to laugh or cry...so I laughed and then cried. 

For those of you that know me, you know why this is so emotional for me. This summer, when I was really going through a season of what seemed like brokenness, Kari's music was all I listened to. "You are For Me" is what I listened to on end. Even though I felt alone, I knew I was not alone. And I constantly said everyday, Lord I know that you are for me. So her music and writing has just been something I really hold dear. Kari was in Huntsville in October and I had been planning on going to her show but it was about 3/4 hours away and I had a mid term the next morning and I would not have been back till early A.M...and then in the beginning of December she was back in Huntsville on a Wednesday night but I could not go because I had finals the next day and it would have been a all nighter. BUT I knew,  and I said many times, that I knew I would be at one of her shows one day. Whether it was at Rhema or somewhere, I just knew.  May I add that, I never win anything..and that is no exaggeration...like never. So I was not expecting this at all!!! 
 God sure does know what He is doing!! :)

So after that I had Christmas with Kory's family and then headed to Selma with Jen and Kor. 

These are one of my favorite things from today...my boots Kor got me!
 They cover my knees and  I Love them!
 I am so happy we were able to have my Memaw here with us!! I love my family so very much, and I am truly blessed. Many people cannot be with the ones they love, and it really breaks my heart.

I love you all and I am thankful for your support for this Ministry! It means A LOT to me!! I hope you all had a VERY Merry Christmas!! Happy Birthday Jesus!!

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