Hello 2012 :)

May I just say that I am glad to be back home! I had a great time at Winter Xtreme in Gatlinburg, but yes my bed was soo glad to see me last night! I will be doing a second post today that is specifically dedicated to the Winter Xtreme Trip. 

Here recently I have had a strong urging on my heart to do a specific post, but the Holy Spirit was leading me to wait patiently until today to do it...So today is the day!! YAY!

The year of 2011 was a year that was full of many laughs, many many tears, some times when I thought I was not going to be "okay", and times when my heart was so full and overwhelmed with God's love that I thought it was going to burst! This year was also full of changes and growth.

I feel like it was honestly just yesterday that it was January 1, 2011. I can still remember saying to myself that 2011 was going to be the year of change in my life. Boy was that ever right. Majority of you who know me or have kept up with this blog since it started in August, know that I went through some things. You may not have known what it was I was going through, but you knew it was something. And you prayed for me. I am ever so thankful for those prayers! 

After loving from a distance in friendships to ending a relationship, it all made sense to me. I was stepping away from everything around me that had my attention. God was working in me and He was about to do major work. And that He did. I am so thankful for the trials and obstacles that came my way. I am thankful for the changes that happened and I am very thankful that I had my family and my friends there to watch this every step of the way.  
-I went through a season of hard times, and got to the point where I just handed it all over to God. I knew I was going through this season because of the plan He has for Me. Like I said before, I would remind myself daily and tell God daily, "God I know that you are for me. ---I  have watched a relationship develop, such a intimate relationship with  God, that I never knew was possible. God is still doing work in me and will be each and every day of the rest of my life. But I am so happy that each and every day of the rest of my life I will have His love! His love is EVERYTHING. - 

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I have had it heavily laid on my heart to do this post, but knew I was to patiently to wait till today to do it. Why? I do not know, But I know that it was God's plan for this post to be done today. Maybe it is just a stripping off of everything that happened this year or in the past 7 months, or maybe it is because someone out there who is reading this right now is holding onto something so big that it is very consuming in their life. Let it go. Today is the first day of a new year and ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD. Shake it off, let it go, and take your first step into a new year, a new season and a new way of life. 
---About a week ago, I had something on my heart that I knew I wanted to have in this post, so I saved in my "notes" on the blackberry, so I am pulling it out today to put in here. It says this :

"I've found my identity in Christ. I've made friends and I've lost friends and I've realized that life doesn't stop for you. It just keeps going. You've got to pull your straps up and trot on staying grounded in your foundation. People will come and go. Every minute you are breathing, be thankful and savor each moment. Love everyone.. Even the ones that do not love you. Walk out and show Jesus Christ's love everyday. I've learned that my actions and mistakes DO hurt others. And I've learned that yes, the heart can be deceiving but don't ignore all the things it is telling you. Keep your head held high and know that you are a new creation. It is okay for certain people to stay in your heart forever but you have to let them go in life. I also learned that letting go is a beautiful process. God is not going to give you something you cannot handle, and if it seems like it is impossible, just remember that He is there with you every step of the way.  "

Is it funny that I wrote all that in my phone while in Petsmart?? I am a weird one indeed :)

----I stand in awe everyday of what God is doing. Dreams and desires have come to life, right in front of my eyes. Hearts Prepared Ministries was brought about and started in 2011!!

I am declaring that this year, 2012, is going to be a year full of lives being radically changed, HOPE, prosperity and a life full of love and joy that is like no other; because God's love is like no other!

Happy New Year my friends, I pray for you all daily and I am very thankfiul for you and your friendship ....or blogship ;) hehe!

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