Winter Xtreme 2011...

Oh Winter Xtreme;; where shall I start?? From falling out of the church van to stopping and directing traffic on the Gatlinburg strip, to late night counseling boy talks, to standing outside and freezing for hours just to get a good seat, to watching young teens' lives change and their hearts be open to a love like no other. Worshiping with 5,999 people was unbelievable and priceless..here is a peek :)

On way to Gatlinburg..rocking the new shades 

Alan Powell from Anthem Lights

Freezing. I love my sis!

Stage from front row

Me and Bailey..one of the girls in the youth
Switchfoot..front row..& yes he DID bend down and sing to me !

End of Switchfoot concert
Switchfoot again

Switchfoot stage
I am such a great picture taker..

Switchfoot's Songlist that was up by the mic's

We were thrilled in this picture..

Lunch at Bennetts BBQ...chatting with sis about something

The little man that Kory and I are sponsoring from India!!

David Crowder

B. Haley - one of Toby Mac's drummers

Trevor Bayne

Dr. Johnny Hunt

I had to :)

My luggage for 3 days...I know ridiculous

Fun game..up/down
All over and about to head Home to Alabama
So those are just a bit of pictures from the trip. We had (I had) a wonderful time and I am so thankful and I feel so privileged that I got to go and be an influence to some. I am happy to say that I am glad I am not 16 anymore.. haha but I also loved hanging out with the young girls and having "girl talk".  Now I am ready to gear up for Winter Jam!...and catch up on sleep. I slept for 12 hours last night and my body still needs MORE!! 


  1. Looks fun!
    Reminds me of the good old days at youth camp lol.
    And that is so awesome that you're sponsoring that baby boy :)


  2. It was fun! Tiring but fun...I forgot how much energy 16 year olds have!