Love is waiting

** I want to let you know; I have a lot on my heart to share, so this post will be like rabbit trails..a lot of jumping around..bare with me !!

Okay, so if you've been a reader of my blog since the beginning, you read this post.

If not, I recommend you go and read it :) You won't be sorry.
But here lately I have felt it heavy on my heart to talk about and express thoughts/feelings on a certain topic.
I hesitated, but tonight Paige Duke posted a note on facebook that she had written a while back. Right as I began reading it, I knew that it was time to do this post. (You can read Paige's writing here & trust me, you will love it and it will bring tears!)

So here we go;

Letting go and letting someone else lead and determine your choices and your life can be a pretty tough thing. Especially when it comes to love. And especially when it comes to the one you will spend the rest of your life with. Life is so busy and as girls we are always so anxious to find that someone. I mean we play house and wedding at the age of 3 and that is when our dreams of our wedding day come to picture. As time goes on you think about your future and how you want it to be. You think about that man and the life you will have with him.

keep reading..this is like popcorn teaching..haha

I believe that God is the love that will fulfill your soul the most. Get so lost in Him that you find your Identity in Him. Fully put your trust in God and trust Him to with your heart. Decide to let go of trying to do things your way and let God do it His way.  In this time of singleness that you are in, take advantage of it!! Get to know yourself more, let that intimate relationship you desire to have with God develop. Completely and totally let go. God's timing is so so so very sweet. Ecclesiastes 3:11 says Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time"(NLT)

I learned a lot about obeying God this summer. I am a girl who is constantly doing something and I used to fill "voids" I felt, or the lonliness I felt with busy things to keep my mind off of things. I would then complain because things were not how I thought they should be going. A Sunday morning at church, our pastor was led to just lead us into silence and just soak and spend time with God. In this time, God was speaking to me and all I was hearing was the word "obey". Now I tend to talk a lot and when I am not talking, something feels off. (I know that is terrible!! LOL) But as I pressed in more, I realized that was my answer to many questions I had been asking Him. It was simply, obey. Now when I say obey, I don't mean like I was being a heathen...haha I mean God was telling me to do certain things and instead of doing them how He was telling me to do them, I was trying to do them my way. So in the end, I was not obeying and that is why I felt so confused as about why certain things weren't happening. I was trying to shortcut. What I pulled from this :
God's timing is sweet; my timing is not. If we are obeying our Father, then the plan He has for us is able to unfold.-

This leads me to this; stop trying to find love. Stop trying to make every boyfriend be "the one" for you. God is the one for you and once you completely give your heart to Him and trust, know and believe that He will bring the man for you into your life, then really the time between now and your man seems quite quick!!

Delight yourself in The Lord! When delighting, you are driving to your destination. Your desires come, and your heart is being prepared. Just think about this, while God is preparing your heart for your husband, He is also preparing your husband's heart for you! How very exciting is that to know? He will give you the absolute most wonderful man for you..made just for you.

I know it can be hard and annoying and tiring, and a lot of other feelings, just waiting and waiting for the one. It seems like it will never happen. But it will. So just slow down, enjoy this time with you and God, and delight yourself in HIM! That Prince will be here before you know it ;-)

Sorry for the jumping around! I just had so much to get out and I think I still have more! ...there may be a second post typed on the airplane tomorrow!!

Tomorrow my sissy and I leave for Dallas/Southlake for Kari Jobe's album release!! I am still so stinkin excited! God is sooooo good and So faithful! There is nothing like the moment when God honors you.  Remember; His grace is enough for you & your faith is enough for Him.


  1. As always, such an awesome post.
    I like the part about our timing not being sweet - so, so true, girl.
    With my type A self, I always try to be in control of EVERYTHING and I have to know every single detail about every single plan. MY plan. And what do you know - MY plan always falls through, but that's okay, because His plan is better anyway :)


  2. my control button feel off on my computer at work… I took it as a reminder from God.
    I get where you are coming from!
    keep it up girl!


  3. Thanks for posting this. Being reminded to let God be in control of my life is something that I hate hearing but need to hear. Often.
    Here's to us both being the women our future husbands deserve.