So this week my sister and I were in Southlake, Texas for Kari Jobe's release concert for her new cd "Where I find You"..I highly recommend you get this c.d... Tears will be flowing!
Kari was so sweet and such a joy to be around! Her team (Team Kari) was absolutely positively wonderful, and I enjoyed getting to know them! It was such a blessing!!
Mikayla, Kari, Me

So sweet!! This little note made me tear up! God has had this trip planned for a long time!

You Can buy Kari's new album here

I am starting a new series this week, and I am excited to share with yall. I have been doing an extremely more amount of journal-ing than usual and I am ready to share , so be sure to come back and check on Monday for the first of the series :)


  1. Man what a blessing for you!!! I am sure you had a blast too!!!

  2. Oh my gosh how did you get to meet her! She is so great!

  3. Yes it was a blessing and a blast!! She was so stinkin sweet!!