Pinterest Wed...I mean Thursday

So I know on the "post themes" tab it says Pinterest favorites are on Wednesday....
But I figured since the schedule is already off ...eh why not!

But before I start I want to point out a few things...
+ I finally caved in and got with Green Tangerine Design and purchased a template, and other nifty things..
So keep those little eyes open for a Blog Makeover!! Yay! I will have soon have a feature post on Green Tangerine Designs..I figured since I have not done a great job making this blog cute and organized that I will get some help..You can thank me later :)

+If you look at the tabs above, you will see I added a "Sponsor Tab" if you are interested in swap sponsoring, check it out and let's get going! I became a sponsor over at Lovely Little Things and she became a sponsor over here ....just check it out...really! (Also if you look to the right, you will see "sponsor spotlight"..you can find out more about that on the sponsor tab.)

+ Also, classes start back Monday, I am taking 16 hours this semester..cuh-razy! And I just love school supplies shopping...so I did that last night and got loaded up.I even got a lunchbox :) 

Ok, now onto my favorite Pins this week!!

This is adorable..I love the white lights in the room..I have them in my room!
pinned here
I love this iPhone Case. Very bohemian and just very...me :)
faux jeweled iphone case by dannijo
pinned here
There is just something about chevron walls that I 
 LOVE the wall
pinned here

I think this is absolutely wonderful.
You are Unique! You are you, you are Beautiful!
pinned here
This explains itself
Pinned Image
pinned here

 It's I love Thursday...So have a GREAT day!


  1. :)!
    This post makes my heart very happy.
    Everything about it!


  2. Im obsessed with that iphone cover. OBSESSED I tell you!

    Love your new background too :)

  3. J: I am glad! Your smoothie made my heart happy!

    Meg: That iphone cover is fabulous! I can agree on the obsession :)And thank you! I had to get something up quickly until my custom design gets done!