Weekly DIY


I am soooo off schedule...and I apologize for that..this week has just been so crazy busy hectic. Who needs schedules anyways?? I don't....haha actually I DO but this week, I think it will be A-Okay to not be on schedule. Getting back in the groove from about 3 weeks off, can be a toughie! 

So I thought I would give you guys the DIY of the week early..my memaw and I made this last week and I love it! I had seen the recipe on Pinterest a while back and we finally decided to try it!!

Handmade Lotion

What you need:
16 oz. baby lotion
8 oz. Vaseline
8 oz. Vitamin E Cream

Mix with an electric mixer until it resembles icing...

Then put in jars, containers, etc...

(I used an old candle jar that I have held onto because it was so cute!!)

I am very happy we made this! My skin gets very very dry during the winter and I have a hard time finding a lotion I really like..Aveeno dries me out and Jergens does the job but the moisture is there for about 2 hours and then gone. But this has kept me moisturized and no dry skin so far! 

I promise starting tomorrow I will be on schedule and on track with the blog. :)


  1. Megan! I have a jar of this stuff in my bathroom right now! No kidding, my Mama made it for me, it's good. My skin is super dry all year long, I know it sounds gross to some people, but in the winter I just use straight up Vaseline on my legs!

  2. Amy, I used to do that too! Or put vaseline on my feet before bed and sleep with socks on! ooo my feet are so soft! You know what I saw on pinterest? When tweezing your eyebrows, take a tad bit of vaseline and put it on your brows. It helps make the plucking easier. ( I thought it would be slick or hard to do, but it really made it easier!!)