Stepping away from the fear

Have you ever been in the store or in class and you hear someone talking about something or talking about being sick, in pain, or anything else? And you hear that voice and feel the tug in your heart that says "tell them ____________" Or "Pray for them, go on right now and go pray with them.."

I have...and if none of yall haven't then there must be something wrong with me..? No nothing wrong with me. I am sure maaaaaany of you and I can guarantee every one of yall has heard this or felt this.

Now how many times have you obeyed this voice, how many times have you told the person what you were being told to tell them? You might have obeyed a few times and then others times you might have been too scared to approach them. I will be honest, there have been times when I have heard the voice so clearly and my Spirit has stirred like crazy and tugged for me to take that step, and I didn't. I was too scared. I then would walk away or get in my car and then be upset with myself for not listening. I would then go on to realize that I just missed an opportunity, an opportunity to show God's love, to be an example.

Could you imagine what would have happened if I would have listened? What would have happened if you had listened? WOW is all I can say.

When God is telling us to bless someone, or to do something for or with someone else, do it. You never know what He has planned for that person to do for someone else.

Something I heard this summer, and it has stuck with my ever since;

"If you say no or turn away from what God is calling or has called you to do, He will find someone else to do it."

I don't know about yall, but that pushes me. That makes me even more eager to do and obey!! I mean c'mon, you don't want someone else to have to do your job...right? And then you would always have the "what could have been" thought in the back of your mind.

Obeying God  is the most rewarding thing ever for me. Our faith in Him, pleases him. I know at the end of the day, I want our Father to say " Well done my good and faithful servant." I live to bring glory to God's Kingdom. I want to serve God and please Him!

SO I am challenging you, I am challenging myself; step away from the fear that the enemy tries to place in your life. Step away from it. It is just a road block trying to keep us away and to slow us down an missing time to show God's love and be an example. The next time you feel that tug, that nudge, and the next time your Spirit is telling you something to share, go for it. GO.FOR.IT. You may not get the response you want, but really don't look for a response. Just say and do what you are feeling led to do. What you know God is wanting you to do.

Oh, just imagine what the world would be like if each of us obeyed God and walked in love each and every single day!!!!!!! Glory!


  1. This whole post reminded me of something I did in the eighth grade.
    I went up to a girl at youth group who at the time was not making super great decisions told her I was praying for her hugged and skipped away. She ended up writing me this amazing note and it set off this crazy chain reaction. Holla for listening to the holy spirit. I have no idea where this girl is now but I know listening AND obeying made an impact on me!!

    Thanks for sharing this world!! Thanks for triggering my memory of that simple act!!


    1. heehe Meg :) You're so cute! Thank you for sharing that!! It made my heart smile!

  2. I agree that we have all had these moments. But I think it applies to even more than just the needing to help someone moments. God is always speaking to us in some many different ways and guiding us. We just need to shut up and listen!!

  3. Yes God is ALWAYS speaking to us, we don't need to pick and choose what we want to listen to and obey, but we need to listen to and obey everything He tells us. I'm pretty sure that's part of the meaning of this post. Even though we are stepping out of a comfort zone; a lot of the times when God is telling us or asking us to do something, it is going to be uncomfortable and out of our comfort zone. And that is one reason we do not do what He is asking of us. But yes, closing our mouths and listening is something we all need to do! I actually had a post about that a few posts below this one!