Today is Tuesday.....

Did yall notice the new look? I am beyond pleased! Allison did such a great job!! If you are looking to spice your blog up, Green Tangerine Design is the way to go!

I know today was suppose to be a video post..but honestly, I couldn't figure out my webcam. I know I know-- lame that I have a webcam and that it is not just built into my laptop...I am behind the times okay.. I am going to try it on the mac tonight because it usually works easily on there. (So I am saying that *hopefully* tomorrow along with the regular post, you will have a video post as well! )

School yesterday was great...a very very long day, but I have some fun people (a few of the same people) in all my classes and they are sweet! It was nice having our Documentary Film teacher let us out an hour & a half early @ 6:30 for the Big game...Roll Tide friends. Great game!
I added some new sidebars...
---The weekly Poll 
This will be updated every Sunday; Basically if you all who come to my page, vote on the week's question, it will factor in to certain items in the giveaways :) It just helps me get an idea of what brands and things my readers like! So Get to voting each week!
---Link Up
I have a new section called "Link Up".. basically it is things going on everyday or throughout the week and on certain days my posts will be linked up. Tomorrow is a goodie!

+ I will be doing the first Sponsor Spotlight post on Thursday :) So come check out my wonderful first sponsor! You will love her instantly!

I have been doing some major thinking about my hair lately...I know I am letting it grow out but it is just at that awkward stage...to cut it or not to cut?? That is the question...

Super short....( I don't think I will ever go this short again)

Super short

Stacked ( Hi Rach!! )^^
And yes the top of my hair is pulled back in a bobby pin...
Not some weird cut!! 

Or now? See now is just awkward..and it is not growing. I promise.

What a dilemma! I want to let my hair grow out and get long again but it is just taking for.ev.er.
Opinions? ..

. (Kory I know you are cringing right now and about to text or call me and say "See I was right!! You can't go without cutting it" But babe it is just taking sooo long to grow out...give me a break!! )

Have a great Tuesday Yall!!


    I'm growing mine out, too and it feels like it's taking forever!
    But every time I see someone that doesn't see me on a daily basis they tell me my hair is getting longer.

    Take Biotin - that's the vitamin I take and it's helping :)

    Oh and I love the weekly poll - I voted for this week's!


  2. AHHH!
    I have taken the Biotin but stopped. I will have to start up again. It is just taking forevvvver. We can do like a "grow your hair out" challenge. haha We can make a button and have a link party. Juust kidding..but really :)

    Thank you for voting! Hopefully others will too!

    BTW- I am writing my snail mail letter today!

    have a good day!