Was not planned...

So I have caught myself giving yall two posts a day every now then....well I am sorry but today is a two-a-day...!!!

I have had this on my heart to share and I was really wanting to do a video message to put on here but I cannot get this webcam to work. Just imagine my little southern voice and sarcastic tones...[well nothing in this will be sarcastic...LOL so actually ignore the sarcastic tones & imagine my sweet voice ;) ]

If you are on the brink, just hold on. The brink of quitting and the brink of giving up. Just hold on. I know it can be hard and I know it seems so lonely sometimes. You have many of days where you just feel like what you do is not good enough and whats the point of trying..am I right? I think I am on track. I say it all the time and you hear it all the time; "When you feel like giving up, just hold on; for your victory is right around the bend." I promise you my friend that it is! Joel Osteen once said, that when your struggle gets the hardest or your season gets the hardest it has ever been, that means your victory is close. The battle is almost over! What great news! Want to know more great news? Just hand it all over to God and there is victory in that.

I am reading one of Joyce Meyer's recent books "Power Thoughts"

There are 12 Strategies to win the battle of the mind....this book helps equip you with learning how YOU can control the way you think and positively affect every area of your life. 

I highly recommend this book.

//Your thoughts set the atmosphere. 
Your thoughts set your mood. 
Your thoughts determine your words. 
Your thoughts make a difference.//
(that was straight Holy Ghost
 right there^^^ not the book!! FIRE!)

What I am trying to say, is if you are on that brink, just hold on. Fill your atmosphere with God's promises and invite Him in to your day. Your finances, relationships, bills, work, friends, car, etc. what ever you are wanting to quit on, will lose your attention. You won't think about it or worry about it because God has it under control. Renew your mind with The Word. 

Positive thoughts, DO make a difference....

I have added a new sidebar section...called well...you guessed it;
Power Thoughts.
every other day a new section of the book or a quote from the book will be posted. 
I have also added a tab up top -Power Thoughts- that will have all the sections/quotes from the book..So after I take one down out of the sidebar and put a new saying in the sidebar, the old one will be added to the Power Thoughts tab up top :)

fyi...this was not planned at all...God definitely has something up his sleeve for this...we will soon see what it is!! He is SO FAITHFUL!  I am bursting right now!!!


  1. SO stoked for this sidebar!
    I do a little Joyce Meyer devo on my phone every morning!


  2. This was awesome, thank you!

  3. Joyce is one of my favorites! I watch her in the mornings while I am getting ready for the day! J what is the devotional you do called?

    Lindsay, thank You! I love when God puts something on my heart and it is so unexpected!

  4. I just saw your post! We are doing this as a book study for our Women of Joy group at church! It's been fantastic so far! We are making up our study guides as we go along.... http://womenofjoy.blogspot.com/p/power-thoughts.html