sorry for the delay...

Oh. My. Goodness..

1st off.. PLEASE let me apologize for my unexpected absence on the blog...it's been what...like almost a week since I last posted? No good. I am SUPER sorry to leave yall hanging!

I took some time off to revamp and refresh and seeking God on direction for Hearts Prepared.

2ndly...(is 2ndly a word??) Things have been so super busy and I am watching God move in my life, like a bowling ball knocks down pins! ( good analogy! I just came up with that :D )

3rdly..(again..word?) I am getting my hair cut short again :)

4thly.. Hearts Prepared has taken a step into the "real world"!! This is SO STINKING exciting for me, and each and every day I am in more awe of God than I was the day before. He is SO FAITHFUL!!!

I want to update you all on a little bit of what has been going on, so first off, Kory and I have decided that Destiny Christian Center in Prattville is where God is calling us to be at and serve. We have been there for about a month now and it is home. Last Sunday, my good friend C mentioned about talking to the executive pastor about Hearts Prepared becoming a community group ( small group). Of course I was STOKED at this!! So we talked and emailed and this Sunday Hearts Prepared was featured in the Community Group handout and was at the sign up table! I am so very excited about this!! When God was working with me on Hearts Prepared, I knew eventually it would be used in life (blogging is in life, but I mean like actual "hands on" with a meeting location, etc.) So I was patient and obeyed and before I knew it, the day was here. My heart was and still is just so overwhelmed and full of thankfulness and joy.  YAAAY!! I wish you could hear my little southern accent right now saying "yaaaay" as I type it! haha too funny :)

Now, I am so thankful to say that new friendships have been forming, and friendships that have been, are now getting stronger and closer. After having to step away from my friends and be fully 100% available for God to work in me, I knew God would and already had the friends lined up for me that would encourage, praise and we would lift each other up and up!

I love walking in this life and letting God have 100 million gazillion batrillion control of my heart and my life. It is so rewarding living a life for Him and it is THE ONLY  way I want to live my life!

I hope you all are having fabulous beginnings of the week!

ps. Jessica..these are about 2 weeks late & for you :)


  1. Eeek :) Better late than never!
    And you were off fulfilling what God wants you to do...pretty sure that's an okay excuse to absent from blogging....although, I have missed you very much!

    So excited for you & Hearts Prepared!

    1. I need a vacation! LOL I am so behind on everything. No joke! I have missed all my blogging friends. I have missed you! We must have a tweeting session asap. :)

  2. I am so excited for you Meg! Congrats on this new journey with the Lord.


    1. Aubrey, thank you! Super exciting & I thank you and my readers for yall's support, encouragement and sweet words!!