Today at work, I was chatting with a co worker and we were talking about Church. We were comparing what we prefer, how certain things make us feel, etc. etc. I got on the subject of Worship. I told her how much I enjoy just worshiping, just sitting there and soaking. Worship helps set the atmosphere. I told her that whichever church God has for me to be planted at, that I know the worship time will be uh-mazing.

Worship is my desire. And we don't just worship through song, but also through our words, and praises and adoration.

But this worship, I am talking about is our songs, and singing. I love to lead people in  worship. I love to see people just enter in. Kari Jobe once tweeted " think worship leading is just the broken, hungry and desperate leading the broken, hungry and desperate." And boy is she right.

Worship is such an intimate time. So so intimate.

Such a desire, such a yearning.

- After my sister and I walked out of Kari Jobe's "Where I Find You" Album Release concert,   my sis, "M" looked at me and said, "Wow Meg, I have never experienced worship like that.Ever.."  I laughed and said "Welcome to how I love to worship!" We both giggled and went about our night.

This got me thinking about people. Each and every day, people are struggling in their faith. Their walks are struggling. This breaks my heart.
 Sometimes I feel like worship is my time to just soak and enter in to God's presence. Use that time to sit and to be still. Wait for Him. (Please please do not think that I am slamming any church, or saying that churches should do their worship time a certain way.) Each and every day, I have my own  worship time. Whether it is in my room and I have worship music on and I am praying, or in my car and I am worshiping and praising while driving down the road. You can have your own worship time! I just believe that if you are going to be a worship leader, then it is very important for you to lead the body into worship. To help set the atmosphere for His presence to enter. To guide and show the desperate and the hungry and the broken into worship. And SO MUCH happens during worship time. SO MUCH. 

Worship leading is not about you. It is about HIM. I can say that it is so discouraging when the person leading worship thinks that they are the best singer ever. And everyone else who is on stage, their mics are so low you are pretty sure they aren't even turned on. All you can hear is this one person; and it is just so hard to enter in to worship. I know I shouldn't let it be hard, because I should be able to enter in at any time (which I do) BUT there are some days when you need a good soaking. And that day just happens to be the day when everyone's mics are down... hehe

There were and are times when I cannot even sing. When all I can do is cry and cry and cry and maybe hum a few lines. God does work during worship time as well. SO much can be revealed. 

Your voice doesn't have to be perfect, it doesn't even have to be good. Just let your heart sing praises!!! 

Forgive me if i got on my soapbox a few paragraphs up. I just know someone is reading this that NEEDS to see it...this was so not my original post..but God had a different plan for this post..obviously!!  

There a few certain artists that I listen to constantly

  • Jesus Culture
  • Bethel
  • Kari Jobe
  • Sarah Hart Pearsons
Do you have any favorite worship artists? Share!


  1. I love this post :) I love to just sing and sing forever.. Even though my voice isn't that great. I love to listen to Kim Walker.. Singing how he loves. And you've gotta listen to Planetshakers.... Specifically "the anthem" and "beautiful savior"
    Thanks for sharing and for the videos.. I will have to listen! Xo

    1. Amanda!! How He loves is my FAVORITE song ever. Oh my goodness!! I have only heard a few of Planetshakers songs, I will youtube those 2 songs tonight!! I hope you had a very great day!!

  2. I was one of those people that so needed to hear this. It is a good reminder. We all need to step back from things sometimes and remember that worship is good for the soul. In so many ways. Thanks for sharing your heart! :)