Here and Now

Sometimes I often think about my life in a odd perspective...When I say "odd" I mean the "Megan" perspective; which is always interesting :)

But if you have been a reader of this blog, then you know the season I was in last Summer/Fall was a very tough season, but so rewarding. 

There came a point in time when I found myself listening to what everyone else was telling me to do, and trying to be who everyone else was telling me to be. I cared about what people said, I cared about how they felt. I wanted to make people happy..but at the same time I was only making myself miserable and even more down then before.  I finally reached the point one November night after attending a City Hall Town meeting. I broke down completely. I realized what I was doing, and how I was not me. I was the product of other's thoughts and opinions; Even though I knew who I was, I know my identity is in Christ. I knew this. I reminded myself of this. But I will say what I have said before; when you are being deceived, you do not know you are being deceived. Point blank.

Fast forward to now...

I know the decisions I made were totally right. 150% right. I know that I am exactly where God wants me to be. Such a great feeling. I have no doubt about decisions I made, I have no regrets about decisions I made.

I know there are people reading this right now that have had their opinion about me and about the decisions that I made and have made..And I am about to say what I have wanted to say for months now...Get over it. Lose your opinion about me. No judging, no being ugly. You do not know what God was doing in my life and why I made the decisions that I did. If you continue to judge people, you will just make yourself even more unhappy. You're not perfect! And neither am I!

Every obstacle, every tear, every laugh, every prayer, every Verse, every talk with God, every Praise,has brought me to this point right now. I am being so overwhelmed with God's goodness and His blessings. Things I have only dreamed of have been given to me. Blessed. I am blessed.  

Friends, today I pray for you and I pray that you be overtaken with God's love and His goodness. I pray that you surrender and just believe and receive that God LOVES YOU and He wants nothing but HIS best for you! Open up your hearts, open up your lives and let Him overtake it! Ask God to open the doors and to lead you on the path He has for you. Let Him lead and direct your life!

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