Today is The Day

Sometimes we try to make something work.
Something that isn't meant to work. 
It's not meant to work.

Realizing this and accepting this is frustrating.
So frustrating that I want to throw my head back and scream.
Scream as possibly loud as I can.
After that, I want to run 26 miles. 
But I have not let a scream out, and I have not ran 26 miles..(I have but not today.)
Instead, I let peace flood my soul. 
I let peace overtake my life.
I keep my head held high, and I trot on.

God has got this. I think I will say it again;
God has got this.

These next few weeks, months, whatever will be an adjustment period for me.
I know in my heart of hearts that this is right. I know God has a very special plan for me.
I want to share this journey with y'all. So I will be sharing thoughts, tears, laughs, and those joyous moments that sneak into our day. 

Now, please don't think that I am distraught or torn up. I am not. I mentioned earlier that I am peaceful. To wake up this morning and be at peace. wow. I haven't felt peace like this in a while. God's peace is amazing. But, am I sad that we let this get to this point? Oh yes. To have 2 people want something to work so badly, and go through much together over years and years, it is sad to see the day when it is done. Especially when the other person is  a wonderful person.

But the time comes when you are just mentally and physically worn out from it. 
You're in the middle of worship and you yearn for more, you are hungry for more and you realize something;
And what you realize is that this is not the path God has planned for you.
When you realize this, you feel so free and at peace.

Today is the day of beginning. 

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  1. I'll be here to read & listen. Love you my friend.