If you've read the blog then you know, I have a compassionate heart. I do not like seeing people hurt, or upset. Especially if I caused it.

With that being said,
In life there comes a point in time(or many points in time) that even though it is decisions we make for ourselves, they will have an effect on others. No matter what. I have learned in the past few years and very recently that, if I am basing my decisions around other peoples feelings, then I will never be happy. That would be trying to please everyone and well, to be honest that is just never going to happen.

Happiness seems rare these days. When you're happy, there is always someone there to try and break it down. To make you unhappy. To tell you that your happiness is not right...and all these hurtful things are said because that person is unhappy.

In order to be happy with someone, you've got to be happy with yourself first.

In the past year or two, I have been searching for happiness. Searching for that sense of completeness. And I found it. 

When my heart is heavy, and when my soul is weary I look to HE that is higher than anything, and I am made whole, and my weariness is gone. He settles me.

So here we are today, and I am happy. 

But then I remember there are people hurting, while I am rejoicing. 

I often wonder if it is normal  to be happy. It is a feeling that I haven't felt in awhile..so I am constantly asking if it is normal. I have found a puzzle piece that has been missing, and now that I have found it, my happiness is exploding.

It's little texts like this that make me realize, That it is OKAY and SO NORMAL for me to be happy. I mean I am truly blessed..so why shouldn't I be happy?

So, Here is to new beginnings and LOTS of Happiness to come!!

It's like the sun is shining

When the rain is pourin' down

It's like my soul is flying

Though my feet are on the ground..
-Natalie Grant.

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