You're in control.

I have typed 3 separate posts...and saved them all. 

I have so much to say. So many words.

Let go of unforgiveness. Won't get anywhere with it.
Open your heart to happiness, it is okay.
God puts people into our lives for a reason
People leave our lives for a reason.
Remember this.

"Having the right attitude and perspective means being flexible when things don’t go the way you expect."

"Jesus gave us an example of mercy. He shows us mercy so that we can show mercy to others. Start today by praying for those who have hurt you!"

"Are you doing this one thing: “…Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead”? Phil 3:13"

"When you dwell on past frustrations, you are setting yourself up to relive them. Keep your thoughts moving forward!"

"Choose to release anything that's keeping you from God's best because nothing in this world is worth holding on to so tightly."

"There’s a season for everything. Choose to let go of the past and believe God has something better!"
-All quotes, Victoria Osteen

Life is changing everyday, and I am so excited. SO excited to see where things lead to, and so excited to watch God's path for my life unfold! 

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