It's all about the timing...

Have you ever chased after something and wanted it so much, but it just seemed like you could never get it in your grasp? And when it was in your grasp, it was slowly slipping out.
No matter how tightly you held on or you are holding on, it still just keeps slipping out. 

Here recently, I have been experiencing this in my life. I hear God telling me, and I feel God telling me to just be patient and to just wait.

So this has led to me searching. Searching for what? Well I don't know, but searching for something.. and the other night, I found what I was searching for.

"God's timing is sweet; my timing is not. If we are obeying our Father, then the plan He has for us is able to unfold.."

-- Our words are powerful. Very powerful.
So when I went through the Hearts Prepared Blog, I read all of my writings. Every piece that I have written for this blog, and I found what I was searching for.

It's plain and simple. God's timing is sweet;my timing is not. His timing is perfect. My timing is no where near perfect. As I sit, and wait and obey The Father, then the plan He has for me is able to unfold.

Same goes for you. If you are searching and trying to make things happen, then stop. Sit back, relax and Trust God, and KNOW that His timing is PERFECT!

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  1. This is so true but I feel like a lesson we never trust!