High Five for Friday....

It's Friiiiiiiiiiday!

Can I getta "wooo whoo?!" 

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So my top 5 highlights for the week:

1.  My sweet Memaw and my cousin Kaydee and her hubby came intown for a visit. Kaydee is pregnant with TWINS...BOYS! The little ones will make their debut sometime in July I am guessing!! I will be making a trip to Illinois next month, so maybe they will come while I am there!!

2. The weather this week has been stormy...and I LOVE it!!

3. Each day I get a little bit stronger than I was the day before. To have someone by your side for 5 years and then one day you don't, that is a hard adjustment. I just know that God   has the most amazing journey for me. So, RHEMA Bible Training Center(Broken Arrow,Oklahoma) , HERE I COME!

4. 2 weeks From this past Wednesday, I will be on a plane to OKLAHOMA! This time in 2 weeks I will be in Missouri! Beyond, EXCITED.

5. Last night, I had 2 very special people stop by to see me. One of them is now back in Oklahoma, and I have missed him SO MUCH. But so happy that he stopped by and paid a visit :)
Joshua, My best friend, Godly man. My future chauffeur in Oklahoma.

Ben- one of the most Godly men I have ever met!
So thankful for him!

My Canaan Land Men 

Happy Friday!!!
And Remember; YOU can achieve YOUR dreams! Do not let anyone or anything stop you or hold you back!!! 

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