Sometimes it's all we need...

Sometimes my heart and my emotions feel so overwhelmed. 
Sometimes I feel like I can only take so much emotion, before it breaks me.

Ever felt this way? 

I wonder, did I make the right decision?
Do I say the right words?
Does my heart truly show how I feel?
How do I know I made the right decision?
How will I know?

....These are the thoughts that go through my mind every single day.

Sometimes I feel as though I will never know.
I feel like the days will haunt me forever.
I sometimes think that I am just flying full speed and one day it's going to hit me.hard.

I need clarity. 
I yearn for understanding.
And my heart aches for some peace of mind.


  1. Praying for you today, sweet friend. You are not alone. Trust in Jesus. I love you!

  2. Thank you precious friend. I appreciate you! Love you!