As I sit here and listen to the sweet words,

"Come and rest here, come and lay your burdens down.
Come and rest here, there is refuge for you now.

You'll find His peace
And know you're not alone anymore
He is near
You'll find His healing
Your heart isn't shattered anymore
He is here.

Breathe in.
Breathe out."

I am reminded that I know where to find my rest. I know where to go. I know what I should do in a time like this.

I am faced with something that I didn't think I would have to deal with. My heart is not healed. My heart is still hurting as a matter of fact.

The fact that I just shared that is even scarier. 

I made the decision that I made, and I am okay with that. Now I have to give myself, and give my heart the time that it needs to become okay.

You can never have a relationship when there is so much unforgiveness in your heart. And really for me it's not even about a relationship. It is just about getting the unforgiveness out and being free of it.

And I just googled the word "unforgiveness" to make sure I was spelling it correctly and the VERY FIRST thing that came up was this:


The only way for me to get it out is to write about it. Meditate on God's word.
When you have so much emotion built up, you have to get it out. You have to.
And this is how I get mine out. I write about it on here.

I think the scariest thing for me is actually letting go of the life I have known. That is when the doubt creeps in and I question, "did I make the right decision?". 

Whether it was right or it was wrong, it has been made. And now it is time to pick myself up, continue to serve My LORD and know that God's ways are higher than mine. God's plans are beyond the plans that I had. I know that years from now, this will all make sense to me. 

I had thoughts that a new season had begun for me. When really, I was still in the midst of a season I have been in for awhile. God is working and God is showing up. I am thankful for this. Beyond thankful.

To you readers that Have been with Hearts Prepared from the beginning..you all know my heart. You know how much I love people. I have such a desire to help others, to minister to others, to let them know that they are not alone.

I think I need to go back and read every entry I have ever written on here. Back to day 1. Maybe take what I read and apply it to my life some more. Dive into scripture and really expect God's love. Not just know that He loves me so unconditionally much, but actually expect God's love.

Friends, this is a tough time. I don't think I have ever admitted to that before. 
But I am real on here. Hearts Prepared, tells my heart. 

I thank you all so much for supporting this blog and this ministry and being friends to me. I appreciate each and every one of y'all. 

I hung this in my bathroom, so that I will see it each and every day. This is what I will remember each and every day. I will strive to do each of these things. And hey matching it up with Scripture makes it even better!



  1. I'm here if you need to talk, sweet friend. Your vulnerability is a beautiful blessing! Thank you :) XO!

  2. I'm a new follower of your blog, and your posts are very encouraging to me, because we definitely have a lot in common. Especially with this post, it encouraged me so much because I am in a similar phase right now where I keep asking myself, "Was I wrong in my decision?" But your words helped. They gave me a new perspective on this season in my life.

    Thank you for sharing your heart! I love when people are willing to be so vulnerable and share the parts of themselves that are hardest to share. It shows a lot of courage. I look forward to reading your posts often :)

    XOXO, Emily