Did you know..?

It's Monday..yaaay.

Time for Did You Know..

Did you know...my sister and I have the same exact birthday BUT 6 years apart?

Did you know..when my great grandmother MawMaw Pate passed away, I decided then and there that my first child would be named Pate. Not Payton. But PATE.

Did you know..that anytime I drive past a Military base, I literally have to fight back tears and a sense of pride and proudness(is that even a word??LOL) overtake me. I am so thankful to have lived that life that I did for 23 years. I am so proud of my father. I think of all the times he would tell us goodbye and walk onto that plane, neither of us knowing if we would ever see each other again. I am proud to be an Air Force Brat. 

Did you know..I can get so heated and worked up when it comes to talking politics and war. Being raised in the life that I was, I know that each man and woman that has been and is overseas fighting for our freedom is a HERO. They fight for you to be able to sit here and read this. For me to sit here and type this. Golly I am so thankful.

Did you know..that I have a memory like no other. I can still tell you today what I was wearing September 11, 2001. Or even better yet..I could tell you what I was wearing on an exact date. I remember everything. Literally. Sometimes I wonder if this is good or bad...

Did you know..that anytime I think about Jesus my heart races and feels so full and like it's going to explode. Seriously. I know that sounds goofy or weird or whatever some would like to think but it is so true. I cannot wait until the day that I see my Savior's face and His sweet hands. Gives me chills thinking about it. I always wonder what it would have been like if I would have been alive when Jesus was born and grew up. My mind is always thinking. haha

Special post tomorrow(Tuesday) dedicated to 9/11

Have a blessed Monday!!

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