Right now..

I want to start an ANTI BULLYING campaign.
I want to do work with Down Syndrome individuals. 
(My cousin has DS..and he is A M A Z I  N G)
I NEED inspiration for blogging.
I am J O Y F U L.
That is all.


  1. Let's work together on that anti-bullying campaign, ha! Things like that need to happen more.

    These were fun thoughts, happy Wednesday! :)

    PS - Did you get rid of your Southern Love blog? I tried to get to it today, but it said it wasn't active anymore?

    1. Seriously...LET'S DO IT.
      I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!
      And yes, I did get rid of SLB. I was disappointed in myself for starting it and not keeping up with it. It was not fair to the blog. Haha.
      I am just in need of major inspiration for blogging right now!