Hello 23.

I am a mess.
Like literally.

I am sick, I don't feel good, I turn a year older in about 4 hours, I lose my privileges to the only life I have ever known...annnnd I am an emotional beautiful train wreck.

Tomorrow I turn 23.
I was born into the Air Force. I am proud to have had the life I did. To be raised in many many different states, and to meet the people I met along the way. I am thankful that I got to experience different cultures and different ways of life.
But tomorrow, my pretty little military I.D. will be no good. ever again.
I cannot just go for a afternoon drive and just drive onto base and walk down memory lane.
I cannot shop at the BX anymore (bummer..hahahaha)
I no longer have my health insurance/medical insurance for free. (Welcome to the Real World Meg!)
I cannot go and sit in the lemon lot and watch the planes on the flight line.

Ohh whirlwind of changes..I do not like you. I do not like having my life spun around and let go.

I am now a real world-er. I now have bills to pay. I can now choose a family doctor (YAY!) which means, I can now see the SAME DR. EVERY TIME! (Honestly y'all, I have never seen the same Dr....ever) Always a different one every time. That is 23 years worth of Dr. visits..and a different Dr. every time. Craaay.

But this does mean, that a new step in my life will begin.
This is great. I am always up for new steps.

Ole girl right here has got to BREATHE and embrace this step.
I am not an Air Force child anymore.
I am an adult.
The bubble I grew up in and the only life I have known, is now a memory.
Good, bad, happy, sad memories.
I am so thankful.



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