Happy Saturday Y'all!

So Thanksgiving was grand... And busy and crowded and hectic....but great. For the first time in a long time, I was homesick and really longed for home and my doggies and my kitties. Although, Kory did send me pictures of Carlos and Monkey daily-- which did make me happy.
Good quality time was spent with the cousins and the new little babies.

I told Kory that being away has never been this difficult. We have spent 5 out of 6 Thanksgivings apart and usually I am fine. But I just missed him so much. It really makes me look even more forward to when we are married and start our own traditions on Holidays, and we will actually be able to spend them together! It's hard!... Or I'm just a baby! We did plenty of Facetiming though!!

A lot of brainstorming has been one as well-- I am so very excited to get it all started and going! Some fresh and exciting things! I have decided that Monday I will start "1000 Thankfuls". Also my cousin will be guest posting periodically( weekly-- or bi- weekly). She is from Orlando, and style, make up, accessories, hair, etc. is RIGHT up her alley. AND she is so smart... I have a feeling y'all will like her ;)
And there will be a new look coming VERY soon!!
I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Chandy and myself 


Us girls with the woman who started it all...Memaw!

Flopping babies!!

Mama, Me, Mikayla

Cousin Nikki and myself

This is normal



My handsome man I get to see TOMORROW NIGHT!!

I love him.

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