Weekend in Pictures

My apologies for no post this past Friday--- there were MANY events that took place Friday-Sunday...
It was a tiring few days.

Starting with Thursday: My Auburn shirt was messed up after spilling...so I had to resort to my sisters Alabama shirt...this is a BIG no no..but I am sure my fellow AU lovers would rather me have good sportsmanship than be like an obnoxious Bama fan with no sportsmanship....... (goodness--SO Just kidding...kind of. haaah) BUT I blame the Bama shirt for my keys getting locked in my car...only to be rescued by the guys...and then off to MUCH needed girl time!

 These 2 girls, are the best friends ever. We are goofy beyond belief and I was seriously sore the next day from laughing so hard..(see below..obviously.)

 My Sunday started off with boots and then swapped over to my new flats..which I am obsessing over right now.
oh and my fabulous little Monkey...

On Saturday no pictures were taken.. a Beautiful family lost a Peepaw-
Service is tomorrow. Please keep this family in mind- pray for comfort and peace.

Prayers and blessings,

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  1. Will keep them in my thoughts! Man, look at those cat eyes!!