24. The past year in pictures...and some words.//

As I sit here and think about what to write in this post..I am overcome with...nothing. Writer's block?

mm Nope.

You see....

In 20 minutes, I will be 24 years old. Uhm, scary.
Where has time gone? Where has my life gone? I wish I was 6 years old and kindergarten again, taking naps, not a care in the world.

But...I'm not. I am about to be 24.
I've see the beginning of wars.
I've seen things take place that my children will one day read about in textbooks.

I've loved with my whole heart.
I've had my heart literally broken and thrown to pieces on the ground.
I've made mistakes.
I've said hurtful things.
I've said loving things.

This past year has been quite the year. One of the BIGGEST highlights this year was proving to myself that I could do something that I never believed in myself that I could do.
Nursing School. I mean c'mon yall..I'm the Communication Major who wanted to work in NASCAR!(which BTW I still love it.)

I drank until I knew I needed to ask for help.
I cried until I literally couldn't see because my eyes were so swollen. I experienced the feeling of having my mind and my heart played with constantly.
I hit rock bottom and saw no way out.
I took a step of faith and decided to fully and I mean FULLY follow God. My life changed forever.
I've had "friends" betray me and now speak so ugly of me. I've made new friends that I have prayed for God to bring into my life for a long time now. I finally realized how to be happy in my own skin.

Most importantly..through all of these ups and all of these downs...my relationship with God was strengthened beyond words. To look at myself and where I was just in June..it brings tears to my eyes. God is so faithful and HE, HE Brought me out of the dark place I was in.

This time last year, I was trying to figure out where my life was headed. I was yearning for newness and change. I was scared to death of not having that relationship. And the moment I asked my momma "what if he doesn't love me anymore"...(referring to K)...my momma's words were "Well, Meg, you pick yourself up by the bootstraps and you keep your head up and keep going." Well, I kept going. And here I am.

So--here's to my 24th year. I'm sure full of love, tears, laughs, and many many many memories to be made.

Putting the memories of 23 in the box and always being thankful for EVERYTHING that came my way..even the hurt & pain. I am who I today all because of it!

There ya have it folks, what an amazing year.

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