Yep. I went there...

My best friend B and I were talking the other day & the conversation is what made this post something. We are super similar and our thoughts on many things are exactly the same. She and I have both been through so much and seen many things in our experiences. When it comes to relationships, well it's the same. 

Within in the past few months I've been on several dates and "talked" with a couple guys. But they all fell short of the man I want. I have qualities that I want my future husband to have. I don't date to just date. I mean just in April I ended a almost 7 years relationship with a wonderful guy. I wouldn't have been with him that long if I didn't see a future. But when I handed my relationship and life over to God and fully yielded, I saw that I needed to be alone. So fast forward to now. 

I'm not the girl that puts up with crap. I do not tolerate being lied to, or cheated on. I am NOT a doormat, nor do I ever plan on being a doormat. I have values and I have morals. I have standards. A good head on my shoulders. I know what I want in my life and I know what I have to offer to others. And honestly, that may not be good enough for some people. In that case, if that's not good enough for you.. I don't need you. There are times where I have been "pinned" as snooty, a complainer, psycho, you name it...I've been called it. Just rolls off my shoulders. I actually get a good good laugh out of it all. See, the thing is, is that I know who I am. And, like I mentioned...I stand up for myself. And those BOYS who have said all of this stuff, had never been put in their place by a woman. They had never been called out for doing something so low and shady. Guess what boys? I'm honored to have been the one to do it!

It's almost like guys these days just want the doormats. They aren't man enough to handle a woman who is confident and stands up for herself when she is done wrong. So many girls these  days will put their self worth to the side just for a man. Just because he says the "right" things. Girls...seriously? C'mon now. Wait for the man who deserves YOU.

It's just so frustrating. 

When a woman stands up for herself, a WEAK man will say she has an attitude.
 Always remember that. 

In life, you don't have to settle. But you DO have to remember that life isn't like the Disney fairytales. When my mom recently told me that, I felt like I was learning that Santa wasn't real...alllllll over again. It was heartbreaking.

Don't ever let anyone change you. Don't EVER change yourself for a man to like you. Guys that goes for YOU too. The man or woman(for you guys reading)--will accept and love you for WHO YOU ARE. Your values, your morals, your flaws, the courage and STRENGTH to stand up for YOURSELF will be admired and will be the most beautiful thing to that person. 

Does it hurt being alone? Heck yes. I miss that best friend. I miss the laughs and giggles and hugs and the bond. I miss it. But, I would also rather feel alone (Which we are NEVER alone) than be with a person that I feel lonely around all the time. God has brought some amazing people into my life in the past few months and I am so thankful. B has become a sister to me. She helps keep me going. She reminds me of God's amazing plan for my life. So thankful.

I always say, "thank goodness I didn't get what I thought I deserved."

God has my future husband out there. It could be someone I already know. It could be someone I've dated. It could be someone I haven't never even laid eyes on. But he is out there. And he is searching and praying for me. He is believing God for me. Same goes for YOU. There is someone out there that DREAMS of your smile. That prays for you daily. Someone who is going to love you more than anything in this world. 

Be patient. Serve God while you are waiting...don't get down. Be JOYFUL!

To my Future: 
Hope it's nice where you are
And I hope the sun shines and it's a beautiful day

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