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 Godly men want godly women with godly expectations.Ungodly men run from them. They run from expectations and accountability. -Lauren DeMoss; The FullTime Girl


The past week God has been blowing my mind!! Literally! Day after day and article after article, blog after blog...He is using these in so many different ways to minister to me. 

1st off- each and every one of them have been about:
1. What God says about marriage 
2. How we should go about dating
3. Becoming the woman that God has me as.
4. Abstinence and being pure
5. Letting God shape and mold me into the wife I will be
6. ......and a lot more. (I will post links to those blogs & posts at the end of this post!)

So, as I have been reading these, my heart feels like it could explode with excitement and happiness. 

I am no longer dating just to date. No, no sir. 
 (not that I ever was, but I don't ever want to make that mistake.)

You see, I've always been more in love with the idea of marriage than the person I was with. (Yes, I loved that person, but our relationship was no where near where it needed to be in God's eyes.) And, I can tell you why:

First being that, I knew I had worth and I thought I knew who I was and my identity. But I didn't. I knew who I was according to the world. Not to God. But once I started truly seeing my value, worth, and identity in Christ, now that, that is when my view of marriage changed and I became in love with marriage and the union between two individuals. I fell in love with the thought of being in a relationship where God comes first...no matter what. I've never experienced that in a relationship. I've always been in a relationship that was unequally yoked. Now I know and see why it didn't work out. 

Second reason being that I've never actually sat down with my Bible and in prayer and talked with God about the relationship. I never sat down and read God's Word about relationships and what He has to say about them. See I had this image in my mind..we would get married, have kids and then be in church every Sunday. That be it. No Godly talks, no spiritual encouragement, no husband being the spiritual leader of the household, no growing up for my kids and admiring their father's walk with Christ. Nothing. It would be full of fighting, tears, anger and unhappiness. Me praying and crying out to God, asking Him to fix this.
 I don't want that. I don't want that life.

Third...I want a man who will respect my purity and my decision to stay pure until marriage. In the world today that is such a "uncool" thing to do. Well guess what...that sinful lifestyle is not something I want to go through again. It creates problems that aren't meant for young adults who are not married. I have made a promise to myself and to God to respect myself and my value..and that will not change

Fourth(I am so tired of saying first, second, third, etc. LOL)- Okay so- I have made a list of reasons of why  I want to let God write my love story. You see, when a guy enters my life or tries to pursue me, the very first thing I do is pray about it. I never did this before. I never yielded and let God have His way with my relationships. I let Him know that if this is not the guy for me, please, stop it from going any further. I'd have to say..this is probably one of my most favorite things! The day that God reveals to me who my husband is, well..I mean c'mon yall.. I will cry buckets!

I say all of this and share this from my heart and my perspective... just because this is how I am choosing to go about things, does not mean that you have to, or if you are doing things differently than me that, that does not mean you are wrong or that I am wrong. I just know and feel that God is working in my heart right now and I am so excited to grow into the woman He plans for me to be. The wife that He plans for me to be. 

For a few years now, I have had a list of everything that I want in my husband. Over the past 2 years and especially now that list has changed drastically. The deeper I find my value and identity in Christ, the more my desires change. Trust me, this list is one of the best things I have made the decision to do. 

Now, when a guy starts to pursue me and then it stops, I know why. Now, I do not get upset about it. I don't let it change or impact my self-worth, or how I look at myself anymore. I am thankful for this.

So, ladies & gents(cause this relates to you too)...let's make a pact to make an impact on today's society and the outlook on dating, values, purity, and to show others what God says about relationships and WHY His way is the best way...saving us from an emotional roller coaster full of unhappiness.

There is SO much more I want to add to this..but I will save that for another post :)

Here's the links to those blogs & their posts!!

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Of course I had to throw this in here...sweet baby girl. Thankful to be apart of her life!

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