Reveal & Desire.

Hello hello hello friends!! 

Okay first things first...I announced on my social media sites last night that Hearts Prepared is taking a big shift..stepping into a whole new level of serving, I guess you could say. I am so excited to share with you all! I just released the new name. This name has such a special meaning to me. Many people will look at it and automatically think oh, just another beauty blog. (Which uhm beauty blogs are my FAV..how else would I know how to do my eyeshadow? Helllooo!) But once they open the site they will quickly understand the name.. so-----here is the name...

Gorgeously Brilliant

I am SO excited for this step! So, stay tuned for more on the development!

Now-- onto today's post..

Those of you who follow me on Twitter, Instagram, you saw this past Friday something so special to me that I posted. Something that has always been a desire of my heart, but I never had the opportunity to serve others in this way. I'm not going to give too much information, but I have to share something. Each day when I see the name, the website or anything involved with this, it's almost like my heart triple beats at one time and I can't breathe and I literally begin to cry. Just writing that, my heart is racing. It feels like it could leap out of my chest right now. I am continually praying and praying and seeking God about this. My desire is so overwhelming and I don't think the desire to serve in this way has ever been so intense in my life. I know God is calling me deeper and He is using many different ways that are hands on to teach me. To minister to me. The fact that He has laid this desire in my heart, well, it doesn't cease to amaze me of His wonders. God knows my heart. He knows the most intricate details about my heart. He knows the passion and compassion that I have for others. The caring nature of my heart and character that HE has given to me. I just have to take a deep breath. He steals my breath away constantly. 
So friends, I ask you, please if you would, Stand with me in prayer on this topic. Stand with me in prayer that God's will, will be done in this situation. For my heart to be still. To be still and That whether I am to do this or not, that I still gain a deeper understanding of the amazing Mystery that God truly is. I can't describe the feeling that fills my body at this moment. I'm in awe.

I hope that here soon I will be able to tell you about this..but for now, I am going to be still. And to let God be God and to know that HE will place me exactly where He needs me.
Love you all and as always, thank you for your hearts and support!



  1. Yay! So excited for you and eager to see how God leads in these next steps!! :)

  2. Praying for you girl! So excited for the new blog!!♡

  3. Thank you sweet Meg! I am excited for YOUR blog! Can't wait to ready more :)