Hey Society.....

Today I got to reading those little articles that are constantly being shared on Facebook from Huffington Post. How to know if he's into you...6 signs that you've found the one...Are you being played?....15 things that prove it is a real relationship...

By the end of the first post I was reading, I caught myself nodding my head in agreement with certain points. I finished and caught myself I was going to click the next one. Megan, what are you doing? Do not base a relationship off of this. I checked myself, got straight and then I got frustrated.
I am so sick and tired of society, writers, the media, movies, songs, you name it...telling people how a relationship should be. How to KNOW if a relationship is real or will last. BULL Beyond over it.

Sure, it's fun to read those little articles and just laugh, but when I found myself agreeing with a few things and comparing it to my personal life, that's when it hit me. 

I have an idea...hold onto your seat because this may shock some of y'all a bit...are you ready??

Here it is...

How about let's go to GOD'S WORD and let HIM define our relationships. Let's see what God says about love, and pursing relationships. 

But Megan, seriously, who does that? So uncool. I don't want a relationship that is so goody goody. 

My answer to that...alright that's fine, but when it doesn't work out because God is not the center of it, I'll be right here, still turning to God to be the center of my relationships.

Hey ladies, did you know that we are suppose to be doormats? Did you know that we are suppose to let a boyfriend tell us what we can and cannot do? And did you know that it's okay for him to cheat on you and you still stay with him? 

Hey guys, did you know that it's okay to let a girl walk all over you? Did you know that you're suppose to just take her crap and let her talk to you however she wants? And did you know that it's okay for her to cheat on you and you still stay with her? 

Did you know that it's acceptable to have sex before marriage? 
I didn't know that.
Like I said...I'm fed up. I'm over it.

**I am in NO WAY preaching or judging.. I've made my fair share of wrong decisions many times in past things...this is just my outlook now and what God has laid on my heart.

A relationship is two God fearing individuals who are independent and lead their own lives. They don't have to talk every 10 minutes and they surely don't have to be attached at the hip. They are confident in the relationship. There is T R U S T. Not half trust or 75% trust, but 100% trust. Oh yeah, I went there and said it. 100% TRUST. And friends, it's out there. I never thought it was, but it is.  A relationship is where both are constantly seeking God and His will for their relationship.

A relationship is with two people who encourage one another, who pursue their significant other, who want to see them happy, who want to see them succeed. A relationship is two people who leave room to grow. Grow individually and as a couple. No judging, no tearing down. A relationship has respect from both sides. There is honesty. There is happiness, there are tears together, and there are laughs together. There are moments that no one else in the world except the 2 of you will ever know about ..moments that you will remember your whole life.

So, take a step back and think about it. What is a relationship to you? What do you want out of it? Remember, it's not just about me, me, me or you, you, you in the relationship. It's about others. It's about growing together. 
Take a stand and let society know that their ways of relationships are on a path of destruction.

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