God's way > World's way...

I'm propped up in my cozy bed right now, the sweet sound of Bethel playing in the background and a cup of coffee on my nightstand right by me. Oh, and a room that looks like a tornado hit it. Seriously...I need to finish this reorganizing and rearranging project. But, all is right.

Last night I had a moment of reality hit me. But not the world's reality. God's reality. What started off with the ability to crash and burn, ended up turning into a deeper level of communication and trust. I had those few seconds of literally feeling my stomach drop and my heart make a run to escape out of my chest. A feeling that I know all too well, but haven't felt in a very long time. I have to admit...it wasn't a good feeling reunion either. 

You see, not everyone has bad intentions. Not everyone is out to get you or to play with your mind and heart. There are good people. Believe it or not. There are honest people. People worth your trust. People who come along so unexpectedly and suddenly it's as if things make sense. Everything that didn't make sense before, is a painted picture once it makes sense. But don't stop there. Just because the picture is painted and so pretty...that doesn't mean it's done. No, this is just the beginning of a journey. It's beautiful, yet scary. 

This past Fall I made many life impacting decisions. Decisions that others may not understand, but that's okay. I didn't make these decisions for others to approve of. I made them because I knew what God was laying on my heart and my life. What He was calling me to do. One of these decisions was to save myself for marriage. For my future husband. Y'all this is huge in my life. Yes, we all make decisions and things happen. But I was tired of living a life that was not satisfying. I was tired of going the world's way and at the end of the day wondering why I wasn't happy. 

Has your relationship with God changed the way you live your life?-Francis Chan

My answer to this question 9 months ago was No. No my relationship with God had not changed the way I was living my life. And you see, that wasn't God's fault. That was my fault. I was the one choosing to go through the motions with my walk. I was the one choosing to drink all night Saturday night and miss church the next morning. I was the one choosing to go and surround myself with 
 cravings of the world instead of spending time with my family, My God and myself.  

I was the one who made the decision to stay as far away as possible from strengthening my relationship with God.

A life change I made was to make the decision that from that moment on, I was going to stay pure. If a guy who was pursuing me didn't respect that, then he could just keep on walking by because I am not going to change that. You see, my point is this; Once I found myself totally and completely wrapped up in God, enthralled with His beauty, captivated by His love, my life changed. Every aspect of it changed. I no longer wanted to fulfill my cravings of the world. Yes, the temptation never left, but instead I was choosing to trade out that temptation with seeking God and His will for my life. 

 “We never grow closer to God when we just live life. It takes deliberate pursuit and attentiveness.”-Francis Chan

Ladies and Gents..don't let this world sway you. Don't let this world conform you. Don't let this world change your thoughts. No, instead let this world have it's cravings and it's desires. Know that the right person will respect your decision to stay pure. Know that by that person respecting your decision, it will influence and impact them. 

And this decision doesn't make me better than anyone. No, this decision was me, picking myself up, leaning into God, asking for forgiveness and making a vow for something that I believe is a very special thing. It's never too late to start over. To be brand new. God erases our slates clean when we repent, and it's a new start. A new beginning. 

So see, something that would have usually crashed and burned 9 months ago, was instead, totally used to help. Communication was used. Feelings were expressed. Trust was deepened. All I am saying is that the world's way of any relationship doesn't work. But when you are doing any relationship God's way, it absolutely works. He revives, He restores, He strengthens and He saves.

" Something is wrong when our lives make sense to unbelievers."-Francis Chan

Think about it.


  1. Gosh I am struggling with that right now. Struggling with trying to get away from the worldly ways I've been living for the past year. And it's so hard. But I think the more I pursue God the easier that will get. But man is it hard. And ps I love Francis Chan! His book Crazy Love is one of my favorites!!

    1. Krystal! It is so hard. I still struggle with it daily. I totally agree with you..the more we pursue God the easier it will get. Just keep pushing through!! And yes, I love Francis Chan toooooo!! :)