Dear Heart......

Dear Heart,

Where to start, where to start? I know you're hurting. I know the caving in and sinking feeling isn't a good one. The way you race and skip a few beats because you sometimes wonder what will happen.  You try to be strong. You try to be courageous. You try to be steady. But really, you are falling. You are crying. You are longing and yearning. You are hurting. Some people don't know what you have to offer, and that is okay. Some people have seen what you have to offer and it has scared them. Some people have seen and continue to see what you have to offer and they love you. Heart, listen. I wish I could take away your sadness. I wish I could take the ache away and replace it with a smile. But I can't. 
Oh Heart, you are so tender. Easily broken yet so beautiful. You are kind and loving. You are willing to help and serve. To love others and constantly look for the good in everyone. And Heart, I think that's where we fall sometimes. Looking for the good in everyone. Instead of guarding, we just look for good. We overlook the fear of being hurt by someone. Heart, you know that there is good. Heart, you've finally opened up and have taken down the walls. It was scary and it still is. Right now you are probably asking yourself why. Why did you allow the walls to come down? Well...I have no answer, except that I felt peace and knew it was okay. 
This past year, you have walked through some storms. Some crazy scary dark storms. You learned so much about yourself and about life. There have been people come for a short period of time and then walk away. You learned that, that was God just protecting you. You learned that even when everyone walked away, you had to pick yourself up and go on. Taking it second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. You have been seeking God more than ever in this past year. In your darkest moments on the floor, seconds away from giving up, He held you. He held us. He reminded me that we are not alone. No matter the storms, no matter the pain..we were never alone. Heart, I promise you that God has a plan for you. That He has been walking this journey with us both. He has been shaping and molding you, Heart. Every beat, every skip...He is there. Holding you. Through the sorrow and through all battles, He is there. Heart, I want to tell you something...you are going to be okay no matter what comes down the road. WE are going to be okay. And Heart, you are strong. You are courageous, and God will steady you.  You are good heart. You are amazing. I know sometimes you hurt and that's okay. The hurt will only make us stronger. You have been so brave through this walk.
Keep pressing into God and He will lead us. God has an amazing plan for us, and the journey is just beginning. 

Love always, 

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  1. Such a beautiful post! These words ring so true in my heart as well!