That word has been on my mind and my heart so much lately. I've come to the conclusion that each person has a different meaning for the word. When I think of being fearless, I think about life. I think about falling in love. I think about opening up to someone..being brave to take down walls that you built so you wouldn't get hurt again. Being fearless and knowing that there is a chance to be hurt. That there is a chance at failing, but you are doing it anyway. You are taking that chance. 

I've always said that I'd rather take a chance then always wonder what if.
God has a funny way of showing us things. He has taken the deepest and most vulnerable parts of my heart and helped me open them. He helped me open them and not only face the fear, but I grew by this. In life, we learn to build walls so easily. Then it falls, and then we build them again. Life is a scary thing. When you really think about it, it is so puzzling. But yet at the same time, it's the most beautiful and precious thing. Sometimes we don't understand why things happen how they do...and that's okay.
Let the world's cowardly ways only make you stronger.
"think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy." -anne frank

No matter happens in this life, be fearless. Always side with love. 

"If it's between love and losing
And to never have known the feeling, I'd still side with love
And if I end up lonely at least I will be there knowing 
I believe in love"

So go on, go on and leave my love out on the street..
I'm fearless. Better believe I'm fearless.

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