Yet beautiful...

Instead of typing out all of the things that were boiling in me and that I wanted to just say and not care if they were hurtful, I chose not to. Because that's not my heart. My heart has nothing but good intentions. Those words aren't who I am or who that person is. Those words won't make a difference. Those words would only cause destruction and hurt. Those words would linger in my mind with regret. Those words weren't worth wasting my breath.  

In times of frustration and hurt, we are faced with two options; to say what we are feeling in that moment or to take a deep breath and know we shouldn't always say what we are feeling. Anger brings feelings of lies. Anger brings words that are hurtful. You can apologize all you want, but you cannot take the words back. They haunt. 

Maybe you got let go from a job, maybe a friend betrayed you and just hurt you more than you thought possible, or maybe someone woke up one morning and decided they didn't want to be with you or even worse, they knew they didn't want to be with you but they continued to stay...whatever it was or is, it's okay.

In the hurt you feel, in the anger that boils in you, God is working. God is doing something.
 God is taking care of it all. 

Aligning up your path to His so you can walk out what He has planned. 
It hurts, I know. It hurts so bad. And you think the hurt won't be leaving anytime soon. You replay scenarios over and over and over again in your mind- wondering what you could have done differently. Dissecting every single word that was spoken...just looking for meaning in each one. But you're not going to find meaning in the words. You won't find any answers at all. A lot of times in life we will never get answers for certain situations. You just have to accept that. You have to just trust God and who He is and know He has a plan for you. 

Put the phone down. Get off of Instagram and Facebook and Snapchat. Stop constantly refreshing just looking for a sign of life. Just stop. Press into God. Spend time with Him and just let Him give you peace and guidance for the situation.

He is the only one who can take away your hurt. He is the only one that will comfort you when all you receive is silence. He is the only one that will be there when you lose people. 
He IS the ONLY. 

Whatever battle you are facing today, I am praying for you. I myself am facing a battle, but with encouragement and prayers and spending time with God, I am full of peace. I know that I am on the path He wants me on. I know that all of this is coming together for my good. For His glory. 

Don't be discouraged. Remind yourself that these struggles and pains have a purpose! That God is using them in your life to promote you! He is taking away the good and replacing it with the great. Trust. 

Your worth is not defined on that relationship, that friendship, or that job. Your worth has nothing to do with why that person walked away. You have meaning. You have purpose. There is better coming. 

Don't let the bitterness that the enemy provides for you, get used. Know your heart. Know what's in your heart. Evaluate it. If your heart is full of kindness, then let the kindness flow. (Stand up for yourself, of course, but that doesn't require ugliness.)

There is so much joy in these circumstances you are facing... The Lord is with you each and every step of the way. 

Lord, You have saved me from the empty things I use to chase. 

"and perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness, yet become something beautiful." 
{ credits: Sarah McCallister }

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